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mapping Liben

16.-17.10. / 20:00 / 20:30 / 21:00

Videomapping on the synagogue

16. – 17. 10. 2015
20:00, 20:30, 21:00

During two nights in October the collective KinocirKus, whose main focus in on video installation and videomapping, will light up the synagogue at Palmovka with a videomapping influenced by the history of the synagogue and filled with Jewish symbolism.
The projection on the synagogue will combine traditional 3D mapping with drawn animation. The videomapping falls under the umbrella project Lieben Libeň- a project aimed at supporting alternative culture in Prague 8 and is also a part of the supporting program for the SIGNAL festival.

Organizers: Duracfilm, 8jinak!, KinocirKus
In cooperation with: Sdružení Serpens, SIGNAL Festival
Supported by: Hl. m. Praha, Odbor kultury, sportu a komunikace s veřejností MČ Praha 8



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