Day programme

thursday - sunday, half-hourly from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Karel IV.

The new school year may have only recently begun, but some young pupils are surely missing the summer. One of them is Filip, who would rather skip school than attend. All of that changes, however, following his mysterious encounter with someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to that most famous of Czech kings. But how could Charles IV appear in 21st century Prague? And if it’s not him, how does he know all the details of the construction of the Charles Bridge, the founding of Charles University, and the era of Charles IV?

For this year’s SIGNAL Festival Jan Šíma has prepared a spherical performance intended primarily for children, who upon visiting the massive SIGNAL Dome will suddenly find themselves in the middle of Czech history.

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Children's programme partner:

Evening programme

thursday - sunday, from 7 p.m. according to the following schedule

Thu Fri Sat Sun
19:00 Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis
19:40 Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers
20:20 Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis
21:00 Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers
21:40 Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis
22:20 Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers
23:00 Hidden Towers Morphogenesis Hidden Towers Morphogenesis
23:40 Morphogenesis Hidden Towers OMNIS Hidden Towers


The term “morphogenesis” represents the biological process that causes organisms to take specific shapes. Inspired by this fascinating natural capacity for self-organization, the duo of Turkish artists Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyanik have created a performance consisting of a constant overflowing of basic geometric shapes and patterns. These gradually form their own building system that creates a space around visitors to the SIGNAL Dome, completely immersing them. The goal of this audiovisual journey through various aspects of the physical and biological world is to call attention to the mutual connectedness of all components of natural forces through time and space.

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Hidden Towers

Make sure you won’t miss the evening show Hidden Towers by The Macula. It is based on books by William Gibson that introduced the virtual reality to the readers in 1980s and tremendously outdistanced its time.

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Audiovisual performance OMNIS is inspired by the concept of omnipresence. New technologies are accelerating the transfer of information and heavily influence the perception of time, space and relationships. During the 30 minute performance, viewers will face their own perception of time and depth through optical illusions.

The pseudonym Maotik hides a Montreal based artist Mathieu Le Sourd. He is focusing mainly on multimedia installations and show, which strongly influence the viewers. In the past for example, he created monumental project on the new terminal of Los Angeles Airport or projections for worldwide tour of Nine Inch Nails. He is exploring the relation between art, science and technology and he is seeking collaboration with experts in these fields. His project were presented for example in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Mexico or in Montreal.

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