What is SIGNAList?

  • an ordinary person with the desire to use his/her energy, enthusiasm, and free time to help a good cause
  • someone who lives for art and new technology
  • someone who isn’t afraid to ask or request help when needed
  • someone who won’t be put off by the October weather conditions, whether an active grandfather or a journalist with prying questions
  • someone who sticks to his/her promises
  • someone willing to sign a SIGNAL volunteer agreement and uphold it

What are the benefits of being a SIGNAList?

  • 2016 SIGNAList volunteer certificate
  • SIGNAL gear with brand new design
  • free access to selected conferences during SIGNAL 2016
  • access to pre-festival mapping tests
  • exclusive pre-festival tour of the installations
  • introductory SIGNAL volunteer training
  • 2 free tickets for a 360° projection at the SIGNAL Dome
  • practical experience from the festival, a glimpse behind the scenes of the largest public art festival in the Czech Republic
  • possible commission from programme sales and other SIGNAL materials

Where does a volunteer SIGNAList help out?

  • roams the festival route selling the SIGNAL brochure
  • provides information to attendees, sells programmes, glasses, balloons, t-shirts
  • helps the police coordinate traffic through Prague and provides useful information to drivers
  • spreads enthusiasm among visitors and helps SIGNAL light up Prague for the fourth year in a row.

If you’d like to join the team of one of the best festivals in Europe and are at least 17 years of age, you can complete this brief questionnaire, but only in CZ.

Or send an email to signalista@signalfestival.com with the subject heading “Volunteer SIGNAList”.