Theme of the festival 2019

Revolution. Reviewing the past. Reforming cowardly consensus. Revolting against ordinariness and fearful timidity. On the beginning of the 30th anniversary of Czech Velvet Revolution, we are drawing a balance. We commemorate this essential societal and cultural event that occurred in our country. Some lived in it; some others were growing up in the time immediately after the revolution. Signal Festival 2019 turns back to the past, making fall of the Berliner Wall, Velvet Revolution and end of the Iron Curtain a subject of discussion. But we are also looking ahead, into the future. Seeking answers to the questions, whether we are prepared for another revolution at all, now and here. We are seeing protests, uprisings, riots. Are we able to change our attitudes, overcome our laziness, stop avoiding the risks just to be on the safe side, leave our cozy home with high-speed internet and go into the battle for a better world again? We are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Every minute, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, autonomous mobility and 3D printing transform the world around us. However, revolution is also perceived as a change in the broad sense of the word. Improvement, transformation, in general terms or just personal. Change of the society or revolution of scientific discoveries and methods. Restructuring values and redesigning the environment that can and needs to be changed. Visual art is changing as well. Creative and cultural industries are establishing themselves, visual and digital arts are being transformed to AI and the principles using augmented reality. Conceptual kinetic arts have been synergically inter-connected with the most advanced technologies. From its very beginning, the Signal Festival has experienced a revolution. From videomapping show and light design, it has grown to become a well-respected digital art festival and art/tech event which currently belongs to the most significant ones in the Czech Republic. New venues. New locations. New procedures. New co-operation. New options. Change is a creative method of the Festival. Evolution, revolution, a quest to discover new horizons and new options, solutions, challenges. The revolution is not only here and now. The revolution goes on forever.