András László Nagy (HU)

András László Nagy is a versatile artist who explores light in its many forms. His creative portfolio includes interactive installations, projections, and kinetic sculptures. His work seeks an innovative visual language in the field of generative and interactive media. His artistic signature is clearly recognizable by its abstract and minimalist elements.

Gabor Halasz is a music designer. He is behind the projects Silicity (with his brother Peter) and Disandat. Born in Hungary, he started his music career collecting vinyl and playing in local clubs. Later he started to organize his own events. He moved to Budapest and London and became increasingly involved in his own work. In 2017, he returned to Budapest to work as a sound engineer at one of the most iconic and longest-running recording studios, Supersize Recordings. He has worked with a variety of visual artists on various projects that have been featured in clubs and festivals. His sound can be described as a hybrid of field recordings and hypnotic synths. To this day, he still enjoys sound design and sampling the most.