Technologies of the future under one roof – this is how the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague could be summarized. It offers education in cybernetics, software, computer science, bioinformatics or robotics. It is robotics research that gives the university and the Czech Republic a good name abroad. Scientific teams regularly bring home trophies from competitions such as the DARPA Challenge and MBZIRC, in which autonomous robots from the best teams in the world compete. Whether they take the form of big spiders, yellow dogs, flying drones, humanoids or conveyor belts, robots are at home at FEL CTU. Moreover, their practical use is enormous – they work in the automotive industry, help in agriculture and are even used in rescue missions. Forum Robotum is a joint project of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague and the Signal Festival curatorial team. The team standing behind the concept and technical realization involves Petr Vacek, Jiří Zemánek, Vojtěch Leischner and others.