Flightgraf (JP)

Flightgraf is an audiovisual studio that was established in Tokyo in 2013. Its recent notable projects include the monumental videomapping Sands of Light for Qatar 2022 and Dear Plastics for Milan Design Week 2022. In addition to art installations, Flightgraf also produces projects for concert and theatre stages around the world.

Kento Tomiyoshi is a founder and studio director, visual artist, motion graphic designer, product designer and computer animation creator. He is also a teacher at the Department of Life-Design at Toyo University and the Department of Art at Nihon University.

Makoto Shozu is a sound designer, music composer and concept designer. After attending a music school in Germany, he worked for Wave Studios and later for the film production and entertainment industry. His work has been presented at the Cannes, Munich and Hamburg film festivals. Since 2016 he has been creating sound design for Flightgraf projects.