Lunchmeat Studio (CZ)

Lunchmeat Studio is a creative studio and collective of independent artists based in Prague. It has been working with digital media for a long time, especially in audiovisual, interactive, and immersive installations. The studio collaborates with the art, music, design scene, commercial clients, and cultural institutions. The studio’s flagship project is the Lunchmeat Festival, which has been running since 2010. Focusing on alternative progressive electronic music and new media, this festival brings a diverse range of AV projects, workshops, and discussions, gradually building a platform for development, education, and sharing in the contemporary audiovisual community. Lunchmeat Studio has also produced projects for Adidas, Nike, GoPro, Preciosa, the National Theatre, National Gallery, Rudolfinum Gallery, Kunsthalle Prague, MBPFW, Signal Festival, and Greenpeace.