Adam Široký & Tomáš Nadymáček (CZ) → 8bit Syndrome

About project

The 8bit Syndrome introduces computer games that have become a legend into the public space. Tetris, Snake, Pong… the principles proven by years stay on, although their design has been thoroughly innovated. Keyboard is replaced by a touch-screen and all passers-by with a smartphone or tablet can join the game. Large glass pixels of the front of the New Scene of the National Theatre remind of the low resolution of the 8bit games. Can the “Green Team” beat the “Blue Team”? Whose score will be the highest? Who is going to have their dream images filled with squares?

About artist

Leisure time VJing at psytrance parties became an obsession for videoart when Adam Široký met Kino CirKus collective. His favorite hobby became organizing DIY events and never ending improvisation a meaning of life. His quest is to search for means to connect elements that might seem unrelated to bigger compositions. His work features interactive applications and he likes to draw the audience into his show, so they can become co-creators not just passive observers.