Vladimir 518 & David Vrbík (CZ) → SPAM/Interpretation of Zdeněk Sýkora’s black and white structures

About project

Fifty years after Zdeněk Sýkora created his first structures, the SPAM group tries to use its own phraseology to “read” and interpret them. Using their own traditional tools, the artists get beneath the surface of the paintings in two ways. On one hand, they examine the visual building material using laser and video projection, on the other, the alphanumeric code used by Sýkora to create his structures, is turned into a basis for an original sound composition. On top of that, the projection partially reveals the methods used by the SPAM artists to process the original.

About artist

Vladimír 518 is one of the most distinctive and versatile personas in the contemporary Czech art scene. He is active in graffiti, as an illustrator, comic book author, and stage designer. Together with David Vrbík and Ondřej Anděra from the WWW group they created the audiovisual project SPAM which already presented several multi-genre performances.