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About project

The Phosphor 360 ver. B installation is a prototype of a new visual mechanism connecting laser projection, mapping and generative motion graphics with an energy accumulating material. Japanese artist and production engineer Daito Manabe tested a UV laser on a phosphor coated projection surface. P360B also uses a UV laser projector, but it is mounted on a 360° rotating head making it possible to cover selected areas. Real-time generated graphic is projected on objects located nearby. A strong UV beam charges the phosphor-coated surface of the geometric objects that radiate energy in the form of visible structures, compositions and images.

About artist

Graduated from The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Prokop Bartoníček recently lives and works in Berlin and Prague, where he completed academic studies at AAAD. He primarily develops interactive installations and experimental projects such as Vibrator, Urna, Worlds As Fragments, and Mirrsaic. As a former member of the artists group Ztohoven, he took part in the project Media Reality (Crashing into the TV broadcast with visuals nuclear mushroom cloud, now part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery in Prague). Since 2008 presented Berlin's experimental scene in his showroom 22PRESENTS in Prague. Technically demanding projects are produced under his own brand PEBE Interactive.