Jan Šrámek & Martin Búřil (CZ) → Urban Void

About project

This projection on a blank wall in Štupartská Street reacts to the direct surroundings of this place. The wall is made special by various motives (historical and contemporary); the artists play with building new constructions and using the empty space. This way they tell a story of how this place can or could be changed. It is not a linear narrative; you should rather look forward to images from different time and space, symbolic usage of architectural motifs and playing with the animation as such. The free ambient flow of digital compositions supported by experimental electronic music does not want to become a regular mapping experience but rather an animated illusive painting.

About artist

Jan Sramek studies PhD at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno - Studio of Intermedia. His work contains mostly experiments with animated film, vector graphics, illustrations, and exploration of relations between static and moving pictures. Since 2006 he has performed as VJ under a monicker VJ Kolouch. Recently worked with animator Martin Búřil - audiovisual installation “Laputoids - Ticking landscape”, videos for the song Chasm by Slovak musician Pjoni and Baby Blue by Milanese, or visuals for OKO Cinema. He is a co-founder of the art group ANYMADE.

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Martin Buril then went on to study at Film and TV School in Prague, Department of Animation. In addition to making several short animated films, he is also interested in creating installations and multimedia projects. Cooperates on a theatre-multimedia project AUTOBUF as well as other projects on the alternative scene in Prague and Brno (Cakes and Puppets, Handa Gote, Nanohach, Anymade). Furthermore, he organizes lectures on contemporary animation and animated films. In 2012 he began working with VJ Kolouch and cooperated on Laputoids Project, film Bubi, video for Milanese group as well as the video for a Slovak musician Pjoni.