Andrej Boleslavský → FLOW Powered by Mercedes-Benz

About project

An interactive light installation FLOW was created is a cooperation of the artist Andrej Boleslavsky with the festival platform SIGNAL Lab. Its visitors were invited into the illusory environment of an aerodynamic tunnel where they could explore flow of colorful particles and by simply moving their hands they could set it in motion and regulate themselves. The flow of particles slowly revealed curves of vehicles by Mercedes-Benz and emphasized their elegant geometry.

About artist


Andrej Boleslavsky is currently working as an artist and researcher for CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies. In his own projects he focuses on the creating of artworks using a wide range of new media technologies, elements of experimental games, generative art and physical computing. He also lectures workshops organized by various study programs. Recently participated in the Cellsbutton#5 media festival. He curated exhibitions TransGenesis: Global Players and Square vision focused on game art and co-curated festival Enter5: Datapolis. His specialization in the field of programming includes knowledge of media platforms such as VVVV and Arduino which he uses to develop interactive artworks.