TUNDRA (RU) → Epicenter v.2 powered by ROBE / 2016

About project

The viewer enters an entirely unknown and mysterious environment, changing through flashes of light and terrifying sounds. In this surreal installation it is the light that plays the main role, revealing all that hides within. From a swirl of fireflies a futuristic landscape is formed, from a cone of light a flickering flame blossoms forth, all reaching its climax in a thunderous dance of lightning.

The TUNDRA collective has prepared a truly intense experience for SIGNAL attendees during which they will gain access like uninvited witnesses to the epicenter of rare natural phenomena.

About artist

TUNDRA is an artistic collective that creates art in St. Petersburg, Russia. The team is composed of musicians, sound engineers, programmers, and artists who work together to create exceptional audiovisual performances and interactive installations. The TUNDRA collective focuses primarily on creating special spaces and viewer experiences using sound, art, and emotion.