Teemu Määttänen (FI) → NOISESCAPE V2

About project

The Finnish artist Teemu Määttänen has created an installation whose shape evokes everything from a hilly countryside to a wave-tossed ocean. While the structure itself is entirely static, it uses specially designed projections to create the illusion of movement.

Right before the eyes of the viewers a fascinating play of shapes and colors takes place, at one point recalling the ornaments of a kaleidoscope and at others the wild flora of a remote jungle or the elegance of Japanese woodcuts.

In this minimalist installation Teemu Määttänen integrates organic projection with a wavy projection surface and hand-painted patterns with computer-generated graphics.

About artist

The Finnish artist Teemu Määttänen has worked in the new media scene for ten years, during which he has created a range of installations for world festivals and gallery spaces alike. Between the years 2008 and 2014, he worked in the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre at the University of Tampere. He teaches about media technology and interactivity as a visiting professor at the Theatre Academy and Aalto University.

In his work, Teemu Määttänen explores the relationship between space, light, color, and movement. His installations often use interactive elements to draw his viewers closer and are partially created by the viewers themselves.