OBRAZ - Obránci zvířat (CZ) → 3CZ 1234

7pm - 11pm

About project

Can you imagine life in confined space of a cold cage where several fluorescent lights blink instead of day light? The non-profit organisation OBRAZ actually aspires to pass this experience on the spectators of the SIGNAL Festival. Light bulbs in the cages portray animals that live in the cages. Some of them radiate, some are damaged and several of them are fully broken. The narrow corridor is penetrated with fear, nervousness and soundtrack with the original recording from cage farms.

The name of the project appropriately paraphrases the code labelling of eggs from this type of breeding that all of us know pretty well from the eggshells.

The objective of the installation is to spread the awareness of the life of lying hens and to remind of the currently ongoing World Egg Day.

The author of the installation is a multimedia artist Gabriela Prochazka. The music was composed by Robert Lippok (raster-media).

About artist

It is a non-profit organisation newly established in order to actively and effectively protect animals which has the commitment to reach the state when the society does not perceive animals as a source of human benefit but as living beings with their own interests. It is focused on education of individuals and pursuing legislative changes and it has recently provoked a lot of attention with its activities related to the cage breeding of hens.

Supported by

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