Ivan Kafka (CZ) → About being in a herd

7pm - 11pm

About project

The Czech artist Ivan Kafka placed dozens of direction signs into neat rows. This minimalistic installation depicts matters related to the crowd, its easy manipulation but also the symbol of an individual and human individuality. Signs are covered with the reflective sheet and with help of light there is an extraordinary play of reflections and glints. Thus, every single sign reflects the light on its own. It, however, also blends in the radiant crowd which merges with the surrounding mass. In this way, Ivan Kafka has transformed the light into a mean to highlight principles of individual functioning in the depersonalized herd.

About artist

Ivan Kafka, a matador of the Czech art scene, is renewed particularly as a pioneer of the site-specific installation but also of the land art and conceptual art. Artwork of this member of the 12/15 art group is acclaimed both nationally and abroad. He represented the Czech Republic at Venice Biennale and his artwork is represented in numerous fine art collections.

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