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October 12 – 13

8pm – 12am

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For Friday and Saturday nights, the central part of the off programme of the SIGNAL Festival will be the multimedia space CAMP. Together with the project Organic located in St. Salvator Church it will concern the only official off programme of the Festival.

Both Friday and Saturday programme will be opened with interviews with the authors of installations of this year’s Festival. Festival goers will thus have the occasion to get to know and listen to thoughts and ideas of artists being the creators of the exhibited work.

The evening programme will continue with life audio-visual performances created especially for the SIGNAL Festival in which the artists will show their approach to the representation of an image through musical performance.

Schedule of interviews with chosen artists:

October 12 (Friday)

20:00 – 3dsense

20:20 – Chevalvert

20:40 – Short break

20:50 –

21:10 – SOFTlab


October 13 (Saturday)

20:00 – Michal Škapa

20:20 – Guillaume Marmin

20:40 – Short break

20:50 – Hotaru Visual Guerrilla

21:10 – Barbora Šlapetová & Lukáš Rittstein

21:40 – FILM: Together, in parallel by Barbora Šlapetová and Lukáš Rittstein

The evening programme will continue with live audiovisual performances specially prepared for the SIGNAL Festival, in which performers will present their approach to the presentation of the image through a musical performance.



12.10. | 21:30

A/V live

Milan Šupák is one of the most versatile pianists and composers of the contemporary Czech scene. In addition to being part of an extinct pop band Charlie Straight, he plays with his current project Noisy Pots in streetof Berlin or solo at the Prague Spring Festival.

For CAMP SIGNAL he created a unique piano ensemble enriched with his own-made synthesizer. The visual accompaniment will be created by Jan Hladil, the prominent young Czech A/V scene, who has prepared for a 22-meter projection wall of the CAMP space a generative projection responding to Šupák’s music. Jan Hladil introduced himself to the Signal Festival audience in 2016 with his graduate installation Rezonator in the Ballroom of the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace and for several years he has been responsible for the proper functioning of videomapping on the Church of St. Ludmila on Náměstí Míru.



12.10. | 23:00 – opening live performance/installation

13.10. | 20:00 – 24:00 – installation

Second performance of Friday night will be the acoustic TAPE TIPI installation created by WORLD GANG. A number of tape recorders form a construction similar to Indian tepee. The structure makes the tape loops overlap each other and, in this way, still new and new random musical compositions are created. After life performance, the installation will be available to the visitors themselves until Sunday. With the help of the artists they will have the opportunity to try to work with this unique instrumental structure.



13.10. | 22:20

A/V live

Connection of two excellent musicians from different genre background is to open the audio-visual part of the evening on Saturday. Each of them contributes to this unique interconnection with their own musical language. Both authors have prepared unique visual accompaniment created just for the SIGNAL Festival in which musical instruments have command of the image through controlling tension.


Martin Kulhánek (fleika) & Jaroslav Moravec (em ju es aj si): Příliv (High Tide)

13.10. | 23:00

A/V live

A two-day audio-visual camping will be concluded with a couple from the Polygon collective. They have banded together for this occasion and created a separate audio-visual project.

High tide presents a much-coveted theme fascinating artists from time immemorial. Martin Kulhánek and Jaroslav Moravec explore with the help of both image and sound what forms a simple motif such as a sea wave can acquire at the end of its journey.

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