Tomáš Dymeš (CZ) → Touch

7pm - 11pm

About project

The installation entitled Touch is formed exclusively by interactive surroundings. The crowd of people flowing through the city center full of tourists is pulled out of its everydayness and it is forced to begin to communicate and respond to newly-emerged impulses. A single touch gives birth to a light connecting line representing the contact itself – either interpersonal, or the contact between the human being and the installation.

The sense of belonging and symbolic unity spread through the entire installation. They penetrate both its function and the overall structure. The pulsating lighting constellation is a visual portrayal of these often neglected basis of the society.

About artist

The work of this industrial designer is focused above all on the functionality with the use of minimalist elements. Tomáš Dymeš has been currently studying at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In the atelier of Marian Karel and Josef Šafařík, he deals with the question of interaction and lighting design.     


Supported by

  • PALLADIUM Prague

  • ČT art