XYZ (CZ) → Watch 2,1/18

7pm - 11pm

About project

The world is chaos-stricken. Any social contact is perceived as unpleasant or even illegal. All human activity is thoroughly monitored, and any sign of emotions may be anytime misused against the person who dared to show them. People gradually adapt to this pattern and their behaviour becomes unnatural and is confined within the allowed limits. The only escape towards freedom is embodied in death.

Site-specific installation entitled Watch 2.1/18 is inspired by the idea of dystopian future. The visitor is trapped within the space with no existence of exceptionality and where everything is under continuous surveillance.

About artist

A group of audio-visual artists works with different kinds of media and connects them back to form new cohesive structures. They create both interior and exterior lighting objects, organize music events mapping a wide spectrum of various genres and styles, or work on exhibition projects.

Over time, the XYZ project has established its own language that is fascinated by light and the sounds of synthesizers and inspired by sci-fi and both close and distant future.  

Supported by

  • Staropramen

  • Robe

  • Prague 3