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About project

Partner of installation is Ministry of culture of CR.

Two important jubilees, one installation. Ten years of the German collective Giegling and one hundred years of the foundation of the most famous artistic school of the modern era, Bauhaus. At that time, Bauhaus initiated a unique revolution in terms of artistic education, and it succeeded in transforming the conception of architecture, design and art. Giegling delivers its own interpretation of Bauhaus. For sure they have undeniable right to do that. The studio originated at the Bauhaus University. Nostic Garden will thus be transformed into an experimental playground and sculpture park. Giegling draws from its rich experience with performative art, stage design as well as sociological reflection. In their interpretation, Bauhaus stands for the topicality, timeless and of course pretentiously transdisciplinary concept. For Giegling it is all about the process since it is not only about what you create but also how you do it. It is the human being that is at the center of attention and whose primary concern should be not to forget how to play. The sculpture park and the temporary digital playground literally entices the visitors. It invites them to join in and play. Experiment, handicraft and holistically approached work of art have always been part of Bauhaus. It is time to play. It is time to relax and become a part of an unpredictable installation.

Accompanying program

Picnic on planet Giegling

  • 12 October 2019, 15:00 – 19:00
  • free entry

For Saturday afternoon, the label will prepare a special show amidst its kinetic artworks, inviting you to a unique musical picnic on the planet Giegling. Take your picnic baskets with you.


About artist

Giegling is a transdisciplinary music and art collective whose members got to know together during their studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. As a part of their cultural activities they also founded their own record label but nowadays Giegling functions more as a creative studio and an open platform that is welcoming new like-minded inspiration sources and members from all over the world.

Supported by

  • Ministry of culture CZ