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About project

The kinetic site-specific installation is a space-time triangle whose outer points are defined by a triple of the forgotten historical Karlín factory chimneys. It is in the Corso Court area, in the courtyard on Karlín Square 4 and in the Pernerova 55 industrial area. The installation consists of three light arms in symbolic national colours, which are located on the tops of the chimneys. Each of them rotates at a different speed. The arm in the Corsa Court area is red and rotates as the hand for seconds, the arm in the yard of Karlin Square is blue and symbolizes the torque of the minute hand, the arm in Pernerova Street is coloured white and corresponds to the hour hand. Just as the physical space can be grasped by walking, which is  often accompanied by the change of angles of view, which helps the one to get a whole orientation and contextual grasp of a given place on a larger scale, the temporal orientation in the imaginary Karlin triangle makes sense, like a result of the sums of these three light-visual information, up to the way from the church of St. Cyril and Methodius to the Invalides.

About artist

Pavel Korbička is a sculptor and visual artist. He is an associate professor at the Sculpture Studio 2 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. The author's permanent realizations include the False Angle in the staircase hall of the House of Lords of Kunštát, the Brno House of Arts, Vertical 01 in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Frýdek-Místek or Rytmization of space in the headquarters of SCOPE BLN in Berlin. He also presented himself to the general public at the International Festival of Light Arts in Torun or at the exhibition on the Milan Expo in 2015. He lives and works in Brno.

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