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About project

In the previous century several hypotheses were articulated as regards the nature of our universe. Some theories lead to the assumption concerning the existence of the multi-verse, i.e. system consisting of infinite number of universes which exist next to one another outside our space-time continuum. Audiovisual installation Multi-verse .pan, which was inspired by the concept of American theoretical physicist Lee Smolin, shows the cycle of infinite ending and emerging of parallel universes through the sequences of digital images generated in real time. The concept of eternity and the idea of infinity also bring our attention to intensity with which visitors and the installation can affect one another. The installation consists of a vertical projection and two large mirror surfaces that create an endless image. Perception of reality is intensified and there is an impression that behind the physical walls there can be unlimited and infinite space with no borders at all. The relation which emerges is dynamic, asymmetric and creative. On the one hand, there is our fleeting and fragile human perspective; on the other hand, there is something as giant, unfathomable and nearly impenetrable as the universe.

Multiverse .pan is co-produced by fuse* and BDC – Bonanni Del Rio Catalog.

Tickets to the Gallery Zone are available online and on-site at all gallery locations and info points for 250 CZK . Children from 6 to 15 years old and seniors from 65 years of age have 50 CZK discount.

About artist

The fuse* studio is on the border between art and science. It explores the potential of technology's creative use and prepares installations and live-media performances that heavily count upon the intensive emotional involvement of the audience. It focuses on experimenting and works that are inspiring, go beyond the limits, and offer unexpected harmony between light, space, sound, and movement. The team also has a strong overlap outside their community network. They focus on education, and sharing experiences and they organize the electronic music and visual art festival NODE.

Supported by

  • Re:Beam

  • National library of the Czech Republic

  • Barrisol