Joanie Lemercier (FR) → View from the Moon

19:00 → 24:00
  • Projection

About project

Just one look ahead. You can already see the silhouettes of the planet. The picture seems familiar – the half moon. It must be the Moon, what else? As soon as you get closer, however, you start to see minor unexpected and irregular details formed by subtle shades and reliefs. You will see the contours of continents, seas and oceans. You notice the monochromatic contrast that explicitly reveals the absence of atmosphere and gradual disappearing of oceans. It is up to you to decide what exactly you see and how you will react. Joanie Lemercier challenges his viewers to think about the possible future of planet Earth. His work with light and space is captivating and encourages us to stop and ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions.

About artist

Joanie Lemercier is an ecological activist and visual artist from France whose work focuses on light projections in real space. He is interested in geometrical structures, patterns and minimalistic forms. He is co-founder of the AntiVJ audio-visual collective together with Yannick Jacquet, Romaine Tardy and Olivier Ratsi, who participated at Signal Festival in 2017.