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About project

Permafrost is a work of art inspired by a recent incident: when the thawing of permafrost in Siberia released anthrax into the air. What is hidden in icebergs and the ground and how much time do we have left before we find out? The artists ask these questions while projecting active bacteria on ice which melts in front of the viewers’ eyes. The ice offers a captivating aesthetic as well as an urgent highlight of the ecological problems of our time. The ice cube placed in the middle of a Klementinum courtyard reacts to festival audiences. The artwork does not offer simple solutions to the current ecological crisis. It rather urges us to stop, slow down and gradually change our behaviour. Plan B is at hand. We are at its beginning.

About artist

Šimon Mašek experiments with sound and video. He searches for connections between the digital and the tangible.

Josef Schmidt pursues the graphic portrayal of music. He composes neoclassical and experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music.

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    National library of the Czech Republic