Vrtiška & Žák (CZ) → Blooming of Light

19:00 → 24:00
  • Installation

About project

The interactive kinetic installation Blooming of Light symbolizes the nature around us in the form of bizarre techno-flowers. We see nature that we must take care of, fight for incessantly and protect. Each visitor can become a part of the installation and thus also of the perceived sustainability. Just rotate the imaginary flowers and transform the dry leaves of grass into a living garden full of sensations, light and blending shades of colours. Blooming of Light represents a harmonic symbiosis between humans and nature. It reacts to present day ignorance of humans towards nature and their uncontrollable efforts to pump out all its resources without any feelings of guilt. People could, in fact, help nature significantly. Chaos and harmony, silence and noise, darkness and light represent opposites demonstrating the various stages of life. The beauty of a blooming meadow is a metaphor of life. The form it will take depends only on us.

About artist

Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák met at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the Product Design studio. They founded VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK, a Prague-based studio which focuses on architecture, product and interior design and creative installations. They have been awarded a number of prizes for their output. Since 2016, they have been the heads of the Furniture and Interior Design Studio (D2) at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. This year, they celebrated the 11. anniversary of their professional creative cooperation.

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