Weltraumgrafik (DE) → The Wind

19:30 → 24:00
  • Videomapping

About project

Due to the religious service, videomapping will begin at 7:30 pm on Sunday, October 17.

We live in irrational times. We are tangibly experiencing the ecological crisis first hand. Everything is changing. Uncertainty is becoming omnipresent. The pandemic has once again made it starkly clear that we share a single planet whose global problems need to be addressed globally. But disaster can be a challenge. A new chance to do things differently and better. The Wind is a work about the future. The Wind as a symbol for change and uncertainty that we need not fear. An uncertainty that is a creative principle. How else would we move forward? How else would we stop making the same mistakes? The Wind is an abstract and hypnotic projection divided into two parts – the recent past and the near future. Chaos, crisis, change, correction. Restart. Conflict as an integral part of evolutionary processes. Utopia, dystopia. Old end, new beginning. Get carried away, start again and better.

Mercedes-Benz interactive countdown

The future is electric. Light up the Karlin church with your finger and enjoy the waiting between projections. Choose the colour, direction and speed of the bolt and watch its motion on the facade. The application was developed by 3dsense creative studio. You can download it from http://www.signalmb.cz/.

About artist

Phil Max Schöll (DE)

Phil Max Schöll is a Berlin-based motion-designer and visual artist. He is the founder of Weltraumgrafik, a studio that creates audiovisual installations, projections and light installations. He is looking for unconventional approaches and new aesthetics in the field of immersive media. In recent years he has realized a number of large-scale video mappings and installations in Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Japan.

Julian Stetter (DE)

Julian Stetter is a music producer and DJ with a radical yet gentle approach to his work. He has released under labels such as Correspondant, Permanent Vacation, City Slang and Kompakt Records and has spent the last few years touring all over Europe, North and South America and Asia. He composes music for theatre performances and teaches Sound Studies at the University of Bonn.

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