Quiet Ensemble (IT) → Unshaped

19:00 → 24:00
  • Installation

About project

There is no beginning or end. Any graphic visualization to which we assign an exact time is wrong. We cannot predict the future. Obstacles exist and will continue to exist. They cannot be avoided. But it is not necessary to surrender or perish. On the contrary. We can become part of the wave, the wind, the vital parts of the atmosphere. Merge and let ourselves drift meditatively. The artwork Unshaped deals with the idea of infinity and the continuous process of life that goes on and changes despite the ongoing chaos. In doing so, it suggests hope. It perceives the infinite life that takes place within and around us.

About artist

Studio Quiet Ensemble was founded in 2009 by Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercell. It is dedicated to audiovisual projects and installations that follow strange diverse objects from goldfish to pineapples to spectacular clouds. The artists perceive a balance between chaos, the order of nature and technology. They create images of seemingly insignificant but beautiful elements of nature such as the energetic movement of a fly or the melancholic sound of rustling tree leaves.

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    Italian cultural institute in Prague

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    Hauch Gallery