Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett (CAN) → Cloud

19:00 - 24:00
  • Interactive installation

About project

Pitch in and light up the cloud! CLOUD is an interactive sculpture made up of 6,000 functional light bulbs. Dozens of lamp cords entice visitors to join in and not stand by. Everyone who joins in will help transform the light installation. But CLOUD is not just a fun interactive game. The artists collected cracked light bulbs from their neighborhood, friends and community to create the light cloud. This created a sense of belonging and a proper curiosity. How will it all turn out? What will the light created from something that has long since lost its function look like? CLOUD can inspire not only the collaboration of visitors, but also the recycling of used materials and the alternative use of everyday objects in our household.

The international programme of Signal Festival 2022 is supported by the PPF Foundation.

About artist

Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett work with a variety of media and materials from traditional light bulbs to recycled architectural waste. Their work explores interaction in public space, art in unexpected contexts, household waste recycling, community collaboration and play. The pair of artists have collaborated on numerous installations in sites that have been slated for demolition such as The House Project and WRECK CITY. Their CLOUD project has been seen in Calgary, Chicago and Strasbourg, but most notably at the first ever Signal Festival in 2013. CLOUD is one of the most popular installations in the festival's history, which is why we chose it to celebrate its 10th anniversary with us.

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    Skupina ČEZ

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