László Zsolt Bordos (HU) → Creaturae

19:00 - 24:00
  • Projection

About project

Sound is a wave. Where there is a wave, there is a reverberation. Where there is reverberation, there is Life. Photons behave like waves and particles. Light reverberates, moves, disappears and reveals the previously unknowable. Light is a living Creature. Creaturae is a two-channel projection that uses spherical mirrors and projects patterns onto them. In this way, light beams intermingle to create seemingly tangible images. The work was first presented at the Constellations de Metz light art festival.

sound: Ondřej Skala

Light prologue made by designer Karel Šimek.

The international programme of Signal Festival 2022 is supported by the PPF Foundation.

About artist

László Zsolt Bordos is a Hungarian artist who has been working with video mapping and 3D graphics for more than 20 years. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki. His works include large-scale mapping projections that have been presented in more than 40 countries. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals such as Mapping Festival Geneva, Glow Eindhoven, Lux Helsinki, Ars Electronica Linz, Adelaide Festival of Arts and Signal Festival. In 2019, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe purchased his mapping projection UMBRA TRIPLICATA, the first 3D mapping artwork to become part of such a prestigious permanent collection. Visitors to Kunsthalle Prague could also see it in the first half of 2022 as part of the exhibition Kinetism.

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