Shohei Fujimoto (JAP) → intangible #form

19:00 - 24:00
  • Laser installation

About project

When we see a structure, we want to understand it. We try to understand its curves and physical properties. It’s a reflex. A universal instinct that we can’t escape. Shohei Fujimoto creates unique experiences, spaces and structures that have real material and immaterial qualities. He gives us the opportunity to perceive our own abilities from a bird’s eye view, to withdraw from ourselves. The play of imagination is important to him. The installation intangible #form is made up of a huge number of laser beams that draw geometric shapes based on mathematical functions. The intangible form becomes tangible.

The international programme of Signal Festival 2022 is supported by the PPF Foundation.

About artist

Shohei Fujimoto is a Japanese intermedia artist who explores the limits of biological possibilities in contact with big data and the boundaries of perception. He moves between light design and gallery exhibition. He observes the data and facts behind different phenomena and shapes, trying to emphasize and complicate them. His work focuses on modularity and repetitive phenomena. He has exhibited at ARTECHOUSE in New York, Q21 MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Expo 2015 in Milan and the Montreal festival of electronic music and digital art Mutek, among others. He lives and works in Tokyo.

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