Anonymous Illusion / 2017

Ovocný trh

7 p.m. - 0:00




Intermédia I AVU / Studio of Milena Dopitova (CZ)

The Intermedia I studio at the Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) is led by Milena Dopitová who has become one of the most significant Czech conceptual artists since the early 1990s. In her studio at the AVU she creates the environment conducive to formulating ideas across various means of expression. The Intermedia students tend to create space installations which will capture attention at every final examination.

Students of the Milena Dopitová’s studio at the AVU perceive light as a means of displaying a real image and therefore their installation is based on using a projector and its basic function. They prepared space the tiny interior of which evokes a false impression of intimacy and anonymity. The viewer who enters this space is recorded by a few cameras and the image is transmitted live onto the adjacent large-format screens. So the viewer unconsciously finds himself/herself in a larger-than-life size and in the centre of attention.

Thanks to the audio component, every spoken word is also shared with the surrounding audiences. This leads to a logical disruption of a seemingly intimate space and to exposure of specific spots.

Festival visitors thus become the subject of the entire work of art.

Anonymous Illusion reminds us that although we perceive the digital world of technologies and social networks as completely separate from the real world, the opposite becomes true. Both worlds are becoming increasingly more and better connected.


The SIGNAL CALLING section reveals interesting projects, especially of the younger generation of Czech artists who work with light and draw attention to interesting places in Prague in an original way. These are indoor and outdoor light installations, interactive light projects, illumination of interesting architectural elements in the city or any other ideas related to the artistic use of light. The projects were selected for the section through an open call in which any artist or artistic group working long-term in the Czech Republic could participate. The patronage of this year’s SIGNAL CALLING has been assumed by ČT art.

ČT art – patron of the SIGNAL CALLING section

Art awakens the true personality in a person, moves limits of our perception and enrichens our life. Art is Česká televize (ČT – Czech TV), the general media partner of the SIGNAL Festival. Meet the generation of young Czech artists in the section titled SIGNAL CALLING powered by ČT art.

Patron of the installation