Beyond / 2017

not suitable for epileptics

Staroměstské náměstí

7 p.m. - 0:00



Playmodes (ES)

The Barcelona audio-visual studio Playmodes focuses on a wide range of projects from sound design to stage design. The specialty of its creators are however immersive interactive installations and videomapping. They like to experiment with all new technologies on which they cooperate with experts from all over the world. Their enthusiasm is reflected not only in their projects but also in their lectures and workshops which they take around institutions and universities worldwide.

The geometrically strict architecture of this illuminated tunnel communicates with the visitors exclusively through an abstract language of light and sound. It also flirts with relationships between space, time and human perception.

However, the Beyond installation contains more than that. The structure of a long tunnel with clearly marked diagonals enhances the impression of depth and distorts the perception of distances. This sensual illusion is also emphasised by loudspeakers placed along the entire tunnel which mimic the perspective through sound. Beyond is therefore a kind of a study of both visual and auditory perspectives. It presents to audiences a lot of stimuli for their two most important senses and watches their reaction. As a result, visitors have the impression that they are moving from one place to another without actually leaving the tunnel.

A special version of this installation was created by ROBE for the SIGNAL festival, thanks to which its visitors will get to the limits of their senses and emotions.

Partner of the installation