Dancing Cubes / 2015




/CZ/ In 2011 the designers Jan Vacek and Martin Šmíd founded their own studio, VACEK & SMID, a brand for their product design – furniture, light fixtures, and interior furnishings. They delight in experimenting with non­traditional materials, but they also seek new ways of working traditional materials. Their furniture designs have earned numerous prestigious awards for design, including the Red Dot Design Award, Elle Deco International Design Awards, and the International Design Award.

The interactive Dancing Cubes installation at the National Theatre piazzetta, surrounded by theatre spaces from all sides, invited visitors to a performance, in which they participated directly, besides being just its audience. The cubes, which can be walked through, consist of glass shaped rods manufactured at Preciosa Ornela in Desná, and they are danced around to music and light by professional dancers as well as enthusiastic spectators and pedestrians.