Dancing House – Light is a motion, light is motionlessness / 2013



Jaroslav Smetana

/CZ/ Jaroslav Smetana specializes in individual lighting designs mainly for sacral monuments but also for modern buildings since 2008. The main focus of his work is 3D object modeling, lighting design visualization and 2D photorealistic rendering. In 2003 he joined ELTODO company.

Dancing House, also known as Ginger and Fred, has become the iconic building of contemporary Prague architecture. The building is very closely related to the modern Czech history. It was placed to the area affected by bombing of Prague during the World War II and its architectural design came into existence during totalism. The project was implemented in postrevolutionary years. Ginger and Fred do not represent only the famous pair of dancers but also the static image of totality and dynamic development after the velvet revolution. The festival illumination is inspired by the rich history of this building and works with the most important moments and thoughts which stand behind this building.

Authors: Filip Müller & Jaroslav Smetana
Implementation: Philips & Eltodo