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7pm - 12am

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3dsense (CZ)

3dsense is a group of artists and programmers that makes use of combining high-end technological procedures and artistic elements in order to attain unique interactive performances. Its artwork includes light points, projections, videomapping shows, museum exhibits or stage scenography. Among already implemented projects we can mention, for instance, videomapping on the Rudolfinum building on occasion of the first year of Childhood Cancer Day or Welcome Show for prince Edward at Martinic Palace.

Gallery zone 

Tickets are available online and at all 5 locations of the Gallery Zone (Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Clam-Gallas Palace, Mirror Chapel of Klementinum, Hauch Gallery, Bar/ák) from 7pm till midnight during all festival days.

The black hole’s gravitational field is so strong that behind the horizon of events its effect does not miss any substance or light. Lightpoint of the art group 3dsense puts into context characteristic features of this space object and it simulates power, impressiveness and scale of the space phenomenon in the abstract form. Synchronized projection, sound, lights and objects are interconnected in a complex unity embedded in the area of a courtyard of the balcony access house.

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