Erik Sikora: Post-Internet Spray

free admission

Strossmayerovo náměstí

12 - 15. 10 from 7 p.m.


The dream of Erik Sikora as artist is to develop new format of a post-lecture – it would be in ideal case a sort of PechaKucha format and patedXovský. The post-lectures concern defence of one’s own life. From the content perspective, it is a combination of teaching skills with the tendencies to save the world or eventually the tendency to make a bundle during saving the world. If Džumělec does not make a bundle from his own ideas, he can upcycle his ideas in the songs that work as kind of fillers to slightly embarrassing breaks. A secret reason for his post-lectures in the public area is aspiration to get more likes as in the social networks bubble. One of the thematic smarties is presentation of so-called Post-Internet Spray that really exists and is related to the light. The leitmotif of the lecture itself is related to the topic of the light festival – the explanatory illumination.