Areál Pragovka/ Strojovna

thu 12.10 6 p.m. - 10:45, fri-sun 6 p.m. - 11.45


Gammatone is an audiovisual space installation combining a video projection projected over vertical objects hung in a space with their sound outputs. The name of the work came from the composition of the Italian word gamma – scale, the range and the English word tone. The rhythm of the distribution of color bars influences the rhythm of the musical composition, their shapes determine the visual appearance of the projection. Installation thus becomes a “live” three-dimensional partition. The musical composition is distributed in several dimensions in the form of various techniques – sound, computer animation and spatial installation. The inner architecture of the song, the tempo, is based on the mathematical principle of dividing the number 330, the rhythm is determined by observing suspended objects. The resulting track is complemented by electronic postproduction.


Jana Babincová has been already working with the coding principle for many years. Jana converts the alphabet letters into shapes, sounds or colors. The artist also works with music, movement, or structures derived from everyday life in addition to her work with plain text. At the birth of most projects, intuitive inspiration is present. However, there is a sophisticated path to realization, searching for the principle of coding and transcription, which depends on the nature of individual projects.

Pavla Nešverová in her work – thanks to her previous studies of organ at the Prague Conservatory – deals with the connection of music and painting. Pavla is the finalist of the Czech Grand Design 2014 prize for the visual style of the Prague Spring Festival, in which she applied her visual techniques for visualizing music. In addition to artwork, the artist is also devoted to composing author’s music for organs and electronic instruments.

Partner of the installation