House of Shadows / 2013



František Skála

/CZ/ Graduated from film and television graphics at the University of Applied Arts (VŠUP Prague), František Skála achieved his first major success as an illustrator of children’s books, and won a series of awards in this field. However, he is also a sculptor and creator of remarkable objects, installations or interior designs at Palac Akropolis Club. Founding member of art collective TVRDOHLAVÍ (The Stubborn) is also active in vocal and dance theater group Tros Sketos. František Skála had a chance to be a guest artist at universities in Australia or USA, presented his art on multiple solo exhibition and won many Czech as well as international awards.

This tiny “ice house” of the size of a small room mediates colour effects caused by sunshine to the audience. However at night, it turns into a glowing crystal offering a shadow play on its walls. This intimate installation with a magic touch bears the unmistakable handwriting of František Skála, which typically represents little creatures and their everyday objects, living peacefully somewhere in the nature without us even knowing about them.