HyperCube / 2013



1024 architecture

/FR/ The founders of French studio 1024 architecture, Pierre Schneider and François Wunshel both studied architecture in Strasbourg and they specialize in the interaction of body, space, sound, image, hi-tech and low-tech, art and architecture.  Their work includes audiovisual installations, micro-architecture, public space works, performances and exhibitions. During the Venice Biennial 2006 they transformed the French pavilion into an ihabited space called META-Villa with a hotel, open kitchen, bar, roof spa and a small pool using just the scaffold construction. Their Christmas tree (Abies Electronicus) in Brussels rose to fame all around Europe.    

Hypercube is a futuristic large scale installation which aims to change the visitor experience of the heart of the Prague Old Town. Future and history melt on the boarders of the Hypercube.