Man Machine / 2017

TJ Sokol Vinohrady

7 p.m. - 0:00




Artist and musician Vladimir 518 is one of the most distinguished and most versatile personalities of the contemporary Czech cultural scene. His fine artwork includes many years of working with graffiti, book and poster illustrations, comics and stage design. Together with David Vrbík and Ondřej Anděra from WWW he founded the audio-visual project called SPAM which has accomplished several multi-genre performances.

A fully multi-media installation by Vladimir 518 and SPAM group titled Man Machine plays with the idea of soul embedded in a machine. This machine is made up of a maximum range of audio-visual machinery which instead of being hidden outside the stage and story as usual, becomes the main hero of the event. Individual components, such as scans, heads, strobes, projectors, blinds, lasers or heisers are put together to make almost a living creature that can be programmed to perform a special artistic choreography: from dances of individual engines of the machines to the frantic scream of the entire revived body.

It is actually a statue, where all the machinery was clustered into one creative form. At the same time, this is a musical and visual instrument for which it is possible to write special composition and choreography.

The content of the composition itself is a relationship between a man and machine, mutual expansion and interdependence of these two analogous universes.


Man Machine is created as a result of cooperation among ourselves, AV MEDIA and SIGNAL Festival. It is the realisation of the long-intended idea when the stage equipment, typically scattered around the periphery of events, becomes itself the object of interest and almost comes alive as part of abstract, technical-biological composition. This simply would be impossible without extensive facilities offering the technology equipment and above all, experience. In my opinion, this project completely blurs boundaries between creativity and a supplier, between the artistic concept and technology.
Vladimir 518

Sponsor of the installation
Partner of the installation