Optical Telegraph, 2017, students of the Graphic School Prague, students of the Department of Photography, FAMU, Hynek Alt

free admission

Botič valley, under the Nusel Bridge

12. 10. from 8 p.m.


The Optical Telegraph process performance follows on the evolution of the telegraph, specifically on the period tied to the so-called semaphore or optical telegraph which preceded the widely-used invention of the electric telegraph and Morse alphabet. It consisted of a series of towers, each of which was equipped with a signalling system and an operator that had the previous and next tower in sight.

It is this communication mechanism that follows on the performance of the Optical Telegraph, taking place around the Botič stream in the Prague’s Nusle district. Hynek Alt’s students create a live chain that links to the series of towers used in the past. In this way, with the help of electric torches and the semaphore flag signalling system, students send a message, first from one side to the other, and immediately the other way around.