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paid 3D video mapping

Tyrš House

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paid 3D video mapping



SKILZ studio (UA)

SKILZ is a creative studio from Kiev that focuses on animation,  on animation, video projection and audiovisual production for festivals, exhibitions and music performers . The studio has screenwriters, art directors, illustrators, motion designers and 3D modellers, and typically shows strong aesthetics of colour, audience accessibility and a strong story. Skilz are open to cooperation with advertising agencies, application developers, young startups and game studios. They have a passion for creation and strive to achieve perfection in all their projects.

Every society evolves step by step. And if it can’t, it’s time for revolution. 3D video mapping R•Evolution tells the story of human desire for a better future. Man tries to change the world according to his imagination, make it better, alter it, save it. The society will not back down, it will revolt. The desire for freedom is immeasurable. After the revolution there is a phase of calm, understanding, reflection and above all the creation of something new. Civil society is evolving, democracy is blooming, people are developing and creation knows no boundaries. All this, however, only lasts until further control mechanisms of power interfere with natural progress. The Ukrainian studio SKILZ has prepared an impressive video mapping about the journey from evolution to revolution and from revolution to evolution. Progress is a state of infinite, a kind of continuous life cycle. An effort without which one cannot live and wake up to the next day.

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