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7 p.m. - 0:00



Squidsoup (UK)

The international group Squidsoup brings together artists, researchers, technology specialists and designers. They are searching for totally new ways to interact with a viewer, creating fresh, original virtual spaces that will completely absorb visitors. Squidsoup travels with their projects around the world and enjoys a great success – awards such as Prix Ars Electronica, Aesthetica Prize, Lumen Prize, EMMA, or BAFTA nomination are evidence to that.

The environment you are entering may resemble a thick exotic forest full of fluorescent lianas. In fact, it is made of hundreds of hanging ropes which shine from more than 8,000 individual points. This is sufficient for the Submergence installation to create a live impression from a virtual space. It connects reality with the digital world so perfectly that the visitor cannot actually distinguish them from each other. In addition, a visitor can also influence both worlds.

A group of artists from all over the world who work under Squidsoup set up a twelve-minute light sequence in which shapes, atmosphere and the level of interactivity alternate. The authors, however, leave up to you how you will interpret the entire experience and what you will take away from it. And perhaps therefore they called it Submergence, encouraging all visitors to submerge into the virtual world full of creativity and leave their own footprint in it.

Partner of the installation