Wave Interference / 2017

not suitable for epileptics & not accessible to wheelchairs or strollers

Colloredo-Mansfeldský palác

7 p.m. - 0:00



Robyn Moody (CA)

Canadian artist Robyn Moody likes to often use all sorts of electronic devices, common mechanical knowledge or sound recordings to create his works of art, complementing them with a bit of his characteristic capriciousness and insight. His, sometimes cutely humorous, sometimes remarkably beautiful, and other times mysterious sculptures and installations always examine intricate relationships between humanity, religion, science, politics and nature. http://robynmoody.ca/newwebsite/bio/  

The kinetic installation Wave Interference consists of 88 neon lights and one organ. It is this old musical instrument which sets everything into motion through its tones and awakens the sound wave which is rocking slowly and gracefully, thanks to light optical illusion. It transports the audience into a meditative state of utter fascination, into the mysterious atmosphere where time has stopped.

This installation not only has the power to show visitors a well-known place in a completely different light but also to ‘shed light’ on some issues of the today’s world which we have not had the time or the desire to think about.

Robyn Moody established Wave Interference on the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves. Waves of radio signals, mobile calls or wireless internet flooded the world. However, we never notice it as we have no way to perceive it. Eyes cannot see it, ears cannot hear it, a nose cannot smell it and touch cannot sense it. Through this project, the artist thus provides us with the opportunity to see the waves with our own eyes and realise their ubiquity in our everyday life.

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