White Circle / 2017

not suitable for epileptics & not accessible to wheelchairs or strollers

DUP 39

7 p.m. - 0:00



Raster-Noton (DE)

German music label Raster-Noton represents artists around the world and is certainly not limited to the release of music recordings only. As part of its activities it publishes books, organises various events and creates audio-visual performances as well as artistic installations focused on the new media. It is no surprise that the sound component plays a big part, complemented by a captivating spectacle of video projections and light shows. www.raster-media.net

Last year, the German record label celebrated its 20th anniversary by creating the White Circle project. It is an acoustically-architectural space designed as an audio-visual installation. Raster-Noton invited four artists to contribute to this project by composing a special musical composition. Alva Noto, Byetone, Frank Bretschneider and Kangding Ray accepted this challenge.

The four musical components differ from each other and so reflect the individual expression of individual artists. All of them stand on the principle of ambient music which tries to literally materialise both the acoustic space and visual stimuli.

White Circle is designed for the so-called Klangdom, developed by the German Centre for art and media. This special space is made up of a number of moving loudspeakers, making the sound itself a space experience.

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