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Plan B is not worse, it’s creative, flexible, adventurous. The future is the way we create it. The future begins today. More on the theme.


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  • Where do I need to buy a ticket?

    Paid installations are located in the Industrial Palace, Planetarium, Hauch Gallery and Convent of St. Agnes. This year you can pay in cash or by credit card. In addition, there will be admission fee for some events which are part of the off programme.

    Information → about tickets
  • Will I be safe at the festival?

    Certainly. But please always wear a facemask as a precaution.

    All → about health at the festival
  • Where can I find the map this year?

    You can find the festival map on our new website, in the Programme section. You can also view the map on the display of your smartphone. Visit our website and choose your desired festival location.

    All → about the map and the app

Partner of the map

ING won'tlet you get lost. This year you don't need to download the app with a map, but you can see everything directly on the website and on your mobile phone. You won't miss the light.