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Don’t miss an unique performance VEKTROSKOP in Prague Planetarium, today from 19:00 and 20:30!

16. 10. 2022 → Signal 2022

In Prague Planetarium we also celebrate the 10 light years. Its unique space hosts David Vrbík and his new experimental performance by artists and musicians who bridge the world of digital and analogue media. The performance follows the theme of the speed of light and its trajectory, which are elusive and abstract quantities for human perception. But is it possible to capture and represent their essence through music, projections and other artistic means? And how far has a beam of light traveled in the ten years of the Signal Festival?

V E K T R O S K O P runs until Sunday, every night from 19:00 a 20:30.

Tickets can be purchased at GoOut or on spot. Signal Plus and Signal VIP holders receive a 25% discount upon presentation of an online ticket or festival pass.