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Duo Neone, an exhibition behind closed doors

9. 12. 2020 → Signal Festival 2020

Despite the cancellation of the Signal Festival 2020, we are glad that we were able to present you at least a small part of the planned program. In addition to the Machine at the Prague Exhibition Grounds or the Lightbearer in the nearby Prague Market, we also managed, together with Trafo Gallery, to realize the Duo Neone exhibition, which was to be part of the accompanying program.

A pair of post-street art creators Michal Škapa and Michal Cimala joined forces to present a series of works based on the principle of neon. Although neon as a medium is nothing new for both authors, they have premiered a comprehensive collection of works based on the specific attributes of this rare gas.

                            “For the intense glow of the neon, it is necessary to isolate it …”

… this sentence which can be found in the exhibition annotation has almost itself become a subtitle of the Duo Neone exhibition. Although it took place behind closed doors due to a lockdown, those interested could visit it through an interactive 3D scan, which is still available here. In addition, you can buy a publication for this exhibition for your own pleasure as a gift, just click here.

The inert, inconspicuous, precise and clearly defined element of neons in the work and hands of this duo turns into an expressive tool for the audience and life.
The medium of neon and especially its attributes stand in contrast to both authors.