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Even children will appreciate the Signal Festival. What are the kids friendly installations?

3. 10. 2021 → Signal 2021

If you are going to Signal with children, you shouldn’t miss these installations that will appeal to the youngest ones the most.

First of all, don’t miss the flower world by Vrtiška and Žák on the Karlin route. The interactive kinetic installation Blooming of Light symbolises nature around us in the form of techno-meadow flowers. Nature that we have to take care of, constantly fight for and defend. Why will children enjoy it? Every visitor, including the little ones, has the opportunity to become part of the installation, and thus of the intended sustainability. Just spin the imaginary flowers and turn the withered stalks into a living garden full of sensations, light and intertwining tones. The blooming of light represents a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. Children will be captivated by the interactivity of the installation, and it is also a playful way to talk to them about nature conservation.

In the Stromovka park in Holešovice, young visitors will be captivated by the installation Living Forest by Kateřina Blahutová. In the midst of perfectly manicured ponds and paths, carefully planted with flowers and branches trimmed into a shape that fulfils the human ideal of a neat nature, you will find a piece of a devastated forest. You are in for an unexpected confrontation with the pressing problem of the Czech landscape, whose health has been undermined by the interplay of the unfortunate management of recent centuries and the effects of the global climate situation. In contrast to the neat royal forest, which has not yet become a target of climatic destruction, the Living Forest installation makes a striking impression and makes us think about how each of us can help nature. Together, you can bring life to a dead forest in the installation and at the same time contribute to the planting of suitable new trees in the landscape. The installation is designed to be reusable. In the future, it will go on the road to generate funds in various places for organisations that are involved in long-term forest restoration.

Kateřina Blahutová – Living Forest (Stromovka)

In the Old Town you will be greeted by a flock of birds called BirdScape by Klára Míčková. Birds are the only animals that have been able to adapt to the concrete jungle of cities. How do humans relate to them? In various ways. The artist uses light to point out what normally surrounds us. That which we often don’t notice, that which has become commonplace. The projection of a flock of birds shows how people, by their mere presence, inattention or obliviousness, affect the environment around them. In fact, when people get too close to sitting birds, they scare them away. The BirdScape projection invites you to stop and look around. It praises patience instead of rash haste. The main message of this projection is: We must protect our surroundings, not destroy them. 

Last but not least, we must also mention the 3D projection Superar by the Spanish studio Onionlab, which can be found at the Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds. This is available as part of the Signal Pass, which we recommend buying as soon as possible, because right now it is still at a discounted price! You can get it here and it will also get you into the Radical Compromise screening at the Planetarium and the Unshaped installation at the Hauch Gallery in Karlin.

Your kids will love our brand-new augmented reality route. A few years ago, Pokémon catching was popular, an activity that your kids probably got into too. Signal AR works on a similar basis. Just download the Signal AR app on your phone, head to Karlín and find one of the Signal Markers with a QR code that you scan, and a whole new reality opens up on your phone. It’s worth taking the whole route, but don’t miss XY#1 by Daniel Kuper aka AOKU with the kids. The interactive augmented reality installation is a celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of all living forms. A colony of diverse creatures opens up and you can shape their future with your intervention. It is essentially a collective game in which you can give birth to the offspring of the next generation, cross-breed them with the creations of others and watch the genetic swarm like a crazy petri dish. We bet the kids will love it! Augmented reality installations will work best during the day, from 8am-7pm depending on the time of year. In fact, Signal AR will run all year round.

AOKU – XY#1 (River City Karlín)